Gang and police violence still on the rise in Chicago

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There are two terrorists in our city, the gangs, and the police. The blue comes before the black and the badge before the bond. 50k volts, 16 times. TASERED!

Police brutality has always been a constant topic in the African American community, but it’s time to end it once and for all. In a city where they are waiting for your downfall, you can’t afford to slip up. The Philip Coleman story is a chilling tale that shows you the importance of getting treatment for your mental health.

When you battle with mental illness day to day, you never know when you will snap. Suffering in silence is no longer an option. We’ve always been told to “pray about it” from our elders, but this day and age call for prayer along with professional help. Today black men and women make up approximately 1 million of the nation’s 2.3 million incarcerated population. Let’s stop the cycle and help each other get help.

Check our previous blog posts for symptoms and ways to treat your mental illness.

When was the last time you or someone you know were a victim of police brutality? Have you told your story? Share your story with us!

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